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My story as an Uber driver December 18, 2016

I started driving for Uber in September of 2014 in Des Moines, Iowa.  Usually my riders are glad to see me when I arrive and they make that known “thanks for picking me up” is the first thing most riders say when getting into my van.  I thought I would write this blog with the intent of getting riders and drivers on the same page,  I would like to hear from the riders on what the drivers do right and should do more of and the things the riders don’t like and the drivers should stop doing.  I will cut to the chase the only way to make a living at Uber that I can see is to make good tips.  The way to make tips is for one to make it known that tips are needed. During the times when not in surge tips help the drivers earn more and during surge times it is nice to receive tips for a job well done. The drivers need to earn that tip so tell me riders, how do I get you interested in my service as an Uber driver? What would I have to do to get you to tip 2 dollars?  Here is the thing I give approximately ten to twenty rides a day and I will be more accurate with this number in 2017.  I use $20 a day minimum on fuel  sometimes twice that amount because I sometimes need to drive 15 miles to pick up a rider off the clock but a rider can see how far I have to travel to get to them.  My van gets 17-20 miles per gallon, the cost of gas today is 2.25 per gallon so that is what I have spent before you get into the van then I have to take you to the next stop that may be just as far so before anything I have 4.70 into the trip. Receiving tips is essential for the driver to continue to work and a great Uber ride is important for the rider to be willing to tip.


article about overtime pay for Uber drivers


I will start with the morning commute, it starts about 6am and goes to about 9am.


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